As a bootstrapped company we are always looking for opportunities to fund our R&D efforts from consultation and contract work. If our skills meet your needs, please get in touch.

Our Skills

Amazon Web Services

We are former AWS engineers, and have worked on managed services such as MediaConnect.

  • Media services and interfacing to them
  • Serverless: Lambda, API Gateway, EventBridge
  • Servers: EC2, Fargate, ECS
  • Database: DynamoDB, RDS. S3
  • Monitoring: Cloudwatch
  • Operations: CloudFormation

Programming Languages

We try to use the most appropriate language for each purpose, and in a typical day we will use several.

  • Go, Python
  • C, C++, Rust
  • Java, Clojure, Clojurescript
  • Javascript, Typescript
  • R, Lua

Audio, Video

A large part of our day-to-day work involves writing code that processes audio and video.

  • Video switching, effects
  • Audio processing and mixing
  • Intercom, mix-minus
  • Timed, low latency distribution

Web, Native and Web Apps

We write web apps and single-page applications that communicate with cloud services and serverless technology such as Lambda and API Gateway

  • NodeJS, NestJS, ExpressJS
  • Remix-Run, Vercel
  • Re-Frame, React, Vue
  • GraphQL, OpenAPI, quicktype
  • Qt, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch

Network Programming

We can implement network transport protocols directly from RFCs, and have developed some proprietary ones as well.

  • Low-latency audio and MIDI
  • Uncompressed video
  • REST, GraphQL, Websocket

Databases, Messaging Services

We use many types of database, from simple embedded to scalable globally distributed.

  • Fauna, DynamoDB
  • Postgres, sqlite
  • Redis, NATS, RabbitMQ, SQS

Linux Development

We run our cloud services on Linux, and have experience tuning the system and programs for best performance.

  • Network fast path: eBPF, AF_XDP, io_uring
  • Kernel bypass: DPDK
  • IPC via shared memory
  • Deployment: Docker, Firecracker, Ansible
  • Secure transfer: WireGuard


We run code on several public clouds, and monitor mostly with open source tools, and some from each cloud service.

  • CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible
  • Grafana, Mimir, Vector, Prometheus
  • Open Telemetry, New Relic, Auth0