Port 9 Labs

Port 9 Labs is a small company in Portland Oregon working on new architectures for live remote video, music production, and broadcasting in the cloud.

Our tenets

These are the ideas we are betting on:

  • IP media studios are great, but they are expensive to build and run, and require highly trained technical staff.
  • It has become possible to build IP media studios in the public cloud, but to take the best advantage of cloud technology the cloud-based architecture will differ from what is used on the ground.
  • Cloud IP media services should be managed as SaaS. The broadcasters' creative teams will control the programming from anywhere they choose, but the underlying service will be maintained by the service provider.
  • Many broadcast companies are consolidating, and can afford their own IP studios and technical personnel. But they could still use a cloud service for special events, disaster recovery, and resilience.
  • In a challenging market, completely bypassing the need for ground-based IP media studios may enable smaller broadcasters to afford IP based production.

Most of our work is directed toward designing the technology to run these cloud based IP services in a reliable, secure, and cost-effective manner.


We will be attending the SVG Sports Cloud Production Forum at the Cutting Room in New York on May 10, 2023.

This is the first ever SVG Cloud Production Forum. It promises to be an event that brings together the companies that are building the cloud-based production services that are changing the way sports are produced and distributed.

Hope to see you there!